Dunkays new toy!

So, somebody suggested that we get an elevator for our barn to help put our hay high up on the loft. I thought it was a great idea until Dunkay’s smirking face came racing into my mind. I thought, do I really want an eIevator that Dunkay could get into and ride up and down in?

This is what I think would happen if we installed freight elevator in our barn next to the delicious bales of hay.

A semi pulls into our back pasture, next to the barn, perking up galloping animals large and small hoping that such a large truck is carrying bales of hay mixed with alfalfa to gorge on all winter. They watch with curiosity, mumbling amongst themselves. The workers unwrap a large metal elevator that you can fit 50 bales or perhaps two llamas, a small horse and a couple of goats…or one naughty donkey.

The llamas quickly lose interest, walking away in disappointment. The mini tank, aka Laci the mini-horse is distracted by a patch of clover to eat and the goats move on to play leap frog, because that’s what they do. Remi, needing instant food gratification always, lost interest and waddled back to the mud puddle to sit in.

And Dunkay? Well, he stands there mesmerized staring at this new contraption that will surely bring him hours of non stop fun! He studies the workers all day, slyly nodding at them as they passed. I’m sure they were a bit nervous passing a donkey that gave out an evil snort as they walked felt him eyeing them up and down.

After a full day’s work, the young workers packed up their tools, made a wide half circle past the still snorting donkey so they wouldn’t accidentally touch him!

Of course, Super Farmer and I couldn’t help but play with the new elevator, going up and down like a couple of first graders. We gathered the animals for our daily daze-inducing lecture. We especially pointed our finger at Dunkay with strict orders not to come near the elevator…do not look at it, touch it, smell it, and never, ever get on it!

Yeah right.

Unfortunately, Dunkay is smarter than the average bear (um, donkey) and watched those workers so he could learn how to make his new toy go up to the forbidden food that us humans won’t let him feast on!
Within 4.8 seconds of leaving the barn, we heard the motor of that elevator start up. We ran back into the barn to find Dunkay on top of the hay loft with his head buried deep inside a bale of pure alfalfa!

Of course, we can’t get the elevator down as Dunkay swirled a piece of hay bale twine around the controls, so Super Farmer had to climb up the ladder and scold the donkey who stared disinterested at him while proceeding to chew.

For ten minutes Super Farmer stomped, nudged, and pointed his finger in Dunkay’s face as the smarter than an average bear donkey chewed away, nodding his head in mocking shame.

Fortunately for Dunkay, when Super Farmer had had enough, he landed in a large pile of freshly tossed hay at the bottom of the hay mow after an “oops” shove by Super Farmer. He stood up, undeterred, and walked to the elevator shift knowing that the new contraption had to come down again sometime and that he certainly had more donkey willpower than an old graying farmer.


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