Fun with mother at Walgreens

Fun with mother

So, it was my M.M. (mother marathon) day. I took mother everywhere. We went here, there, and everywhere! It wasn’t too bad, I only lost her one time…in Walgreens. And what does Walgreens have that no other store has? Huge mirrors so you can see down every aisle with clarity.

So, Nancy stood in the middle of the store (yes that’s me in the pic) and searched for mother. I was quite pleased with myself for coming up with an easy, full proof, cant lose plan on finding her. And did I see her? No! Did I go up and down the middle aisle looking up like Henny Penny waiting for the sky to fall? Yes! Was she anywhere in sight? No! I mean, how can I lose a little old lady who walks slower than a snail in a small square store with huge mirrors so you can spy on everyone?!

Apparently, its pretty darn easy, because the woman was gone! Vanished just like that…poof! So I walked the aisles, peaked around corners, looked under the shelves (you never know), checked behind the mops, Kilroyed over the counters, glanced by the greeting cards (mother loves to read every card) and then it hit me! I bet she’s at the pharmacy counter checking on the latest, the best, the most fast acting drug out there!

I was right, she was asking the nice lady behind the counter questions about what drug does what for certain body parts and their possible effects! A big display was hiding her, so I couldn’t see her in the mirrors. I gently took mother by the arm to lead her away from the bewildered pharmacists relieving them of mother’s non stop questions.

On the way out, mother pointed to the big mirrors on the walls commenting how if I ever can’t find her, just look up!

I rolled my eyes and screamed a silent internal Charlie Brown “aaarrrggghhhh”! 👵


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