Amazon Delivers

Okay, this was embarassing!

Chippie is outside barking like the big bad chihuahua that he is with his tiny teeth snapping away this morning, so I open the door to see what kind of bug did he find now? A ferocious grasshopper? A fluttering butterfly? A cicada? What could it be?!

I mistakenly opened the front door and Biscuit ran out like a bat out of hades! There was a poor Amazon Prime delivery man walking back to our gate. Biscuit ran up to the guy for a kiss as Chippie the ferocious 7lb pounds of shaking fur circled him showing him his shiny white teeth.

I had to go OUTSIDE in my red puppy dog robe with bedhead, wearing my granny glasses because I hadn’t put my contacts in yet and tell him that they are typical males, all talk and no action! Biscuit wants to kiss, and Chippie wants to pretend like he’s a Pitbull!

So…Nancy looking like the thing from the Black Lagoon yelling at her wild beasts as the young nice man stands there trying to be polite as he dodges kisses from Biscuit while side stepping Chippie’s teeth!
I bet from now on, when he sees our address on his sheet, he’ll automatically hand it over to someone else who will see our name and shake their head saying, “no way, I’ve been there when that tiny snapping dog was outside” as he hands the sheet to the new guy who looks and says, “what are you nuts? I’ve heard about this farm! They have a donkey that eats your shoes if it’s out!”


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