M.M. day!

Well, it was a M.M. (mother marathon) day.
I had isaac our grandson with us so it was an extra long, and more interesting time. Mother only had 3 places to go instead of her usual 545.5 places, so it only took us 5 hours instead of 200.
Although It did start out kind of bizarre because she lost her pocket. Yep, thats right…her pants pocket. How does one lose a pocket in the Jeep when it was there when she put the pants on???

We were stopped at a red light when mother suddenly noticed that her left pants pocket wasn’t there anymore! I’m like, ‘mom, you don’t just lose a pants pocket!’ But mother insisted that the pocket that she had her cards in, on the left side of her pants was now gone!
So I’m helping her dig around her pants at the stop light arguing about how you can not lose a pants pocket…”oh yes you can because its not there anymore”….”you just have to wait until we get out to see your pants better”…”I don’t have to get out, its not there”..”it is there”…”its not there!!”
She’s un-buttoning her pants, I’m telling her to wait, the light changes to green but I don’t notice, cars are honking, Isaac has his hand shielding his eyes so he doesn’t see anything he shouldn’t, I’m tring to turn onto Lincolnway, the cars are now speeding past me as the drivers shake their fist at me, mother rolls down the window to yell at them about how dare they get mad her baby, and I’m begging God to please just let the woman find her pocket!!

We stop another light and mother is still squirming around trying to find her pocket! I refuse to look at her or tell her that it’s impossible to lose a pants pocket when she joyfully yells, “Oh here it is honey! Right where its suppose to be and all my cards are still in there! And why are these cars honking at my baby?! I’ll give them a piece of my mind, so drive faster to catch up!”

Yep, that was the start of my M.M. day! I’m happy to say I only lost her 8 times in Walmart instead of my usual 19 and we got out of there without her shaking her cane at anyone!


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