Fun with Mother

Fun with mother

Ah, my mommy. I called her up and said, “mommy, how about going out for lunch! We can pick up fast food, go to Clear lake and watch the geese chase the mallards!” My mother squealed with delight and said she’d be ready faster than I could say, ‘Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers’ three times real fast…which of course got stuck in my head, saying it over and over…wrong…for 20 minutes!

So I picked up my excited mother and offered to take her to her favorite fast food restaurant, Culver’s, again mother squealed with delight (like a young school girl getting her first love note from Tommy who had been throwing spit wads at her) as she clapped her hands together.

On the way, she asked if she could get a McDonald’s coke…mother loooooves McDonald cokes! Because it is mother’s special lunch day, we got in line with the other 534.5 cars to wait, and wait, and wait. We finally got back on Pine Lake Ave headed towards Culver’s when mother decided she really, really wants an Arby’s chicken salad sandwich with pecans, they only have them twice a year you know and they are back…just for mother!
So we detoured to Arbys which, thankfully, wasn’t as busy as McD’s. There was only 328 cars and one motorcycle. We got mother’s sandwich and were going to the lake when mother awakened and asked me about Culver’s!

We had her drink and sandwich why go to Culver’s? Mother has to have onion rings…after all, they have the best gosh darn fried onion rings in all of LaPorte! So I turned the Jeep around to join 788 cars at Culvers.
We got mother’s onion rings, we have her sandwich, she has her coke. So mother and I went to Clear Lake with our three different fast food sacks, had lunch watching the geese and mallards fight over the cattails, and had a nice time.

I got mother back into the Jeep, started up my little Renegade race engine to take her home, when mother asked to go to Dairy Queen for a dilly bar, then swing by Tastee Cream for a small fudge sundae that she can eat later. So, that’s what we did. Mother hit 5 fast foods out of 7 in 1 day!


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