chad and the gate!

Poor Chad. He’s trying to leave for work and the gate keeps stopping half way, or it opens back up. So as he waits inside his car to see what its doing, he goes around the half circle driveway, into the road and back up the other side again. In other words, the man is driving in circles as the gate opens, closes, stops, gets stuck. He is doing a frustrated dance with a metal gate as he sits inside his car not singing a very godly tune!
Because I’m still in my red puppy dog robe, I refuse to go out there and help the poor guy…I’ve had to many people honk and wave at me as I stand outside wearing my smiling dog robe that flaps in the wind. Most times I’m hiding behind a tree, my Jeep, or chad and yet folks STILL see me and honk!
Anyhoo…since I won’t go out there, I try to be an encouraging wife and wave at him through the window as he drives past for the 20th time shaking his fist at the gate that has stopped half way again!
He shakes his fist, I wave my hand, the gate opens and shuts, he drives around the driveway again, I wave as he passes the house laughing (he refuses to look at me). Now the llamas have line up at the fence to watch daddy go around and around and around, watching the human circus perform! Of course BOB gobbles everytime the gate moves because it makes a loud screeching noise that every neighbor within 5 miles can hear… I’m sure they’re all wondering what in the heck are those crazy llama farmers doing now?? Gotta love mornings down on the farm!


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