Garage sales!!

Ah garage sales. The place where you can go and rummage through someone else’s throw aways, last year’s garage sale left overs, treasures that became junk, and things that nobody else should really know that they once owned. It’s a great way to spy on your neighbors without them knowing, giving you an idea what they like, their style, if they’re weirdos or not. šŸ˜Ž

Well chad and I hit not one, but TWO neighborhood sales! The first one was across from our farm in the Crestview subdivision. We saw the big yellow signs advertising the biggest, fullest and baddest sale on this side of the Mississippi River! We gleefully did a high five and turned our Jeep into the subdivision to do some friendly snooping…I mean shopping. The first sale we went to was sorta boring, just some clothing, knick knacks from the dollar store, worn out sneakers missing the shoe strings, and some cookbooks promising to make you skinny within 10 days or your money back (I bought it for Chad). The next sale was more interesting….they had skimpy, see through night gowns, books on how to be a better spouse, love song DVDs, and big red candles with a scent promising romance! Apparently it didn’t work because the sad lady working the sale said they were getting a divorce…so please make an offer on anything we saw, especially her soon-to-be-gone- out-of-her-life man’s clothes! I offered to buy his undergarments for my hubby, but as I was handing her the whopping fifty cents for 10 pairs of “like new” undies, MY hubby glared at me with the promise of no big romantic candles for the next 10 years. So I had to politely tell her I’m sorry I think these are way to small for my sweet baboo. She said, “really? They’re a size 50!”. I chuckled with red cheeks and bought them anyway to tease Chad with later and hopefully get a story out of them at his expense!

I guess this is what adulting looks like these days. šŸ˜€


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