chasing the turkey who’s chasing the dog!

Yep, the cicus was in full swing today! If you were lucky enough to drive by, you would’ve see a huge black powerful Pitbull galloping full speed from around the back of our house towards the pasture next to the busy road, then around the front of the house followed closely by a large Tom turkey angrily gobbling a mere 4 tail lengths behind the dog as a crazy farmer lady running with a blue broom only 2 feathers behind the bird, was yelling and swinging the broom! And where did the three of them end up you ask? Inside the house (of course) because Biscuit ran to the back porch to find the door open so he could safely get away from the turkey who hates him! Yep, thats right…BOB followed him inside my house with me right behind them! The turkey had Biscuit cornered, so I took that broom with a choice word or two (sorry Lord) and scooted that dang protesting bird out of my house…again!


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