Walkie Talkies!!

Chad and I were shopping the other day and saw some walkie talkies on the shelf. I picked them up thinking our grandson Isaac could have fun with G-Pa on the farm with them, when I thought to myself, ‘gosh, I could have fun with these too! I could hide one in the barn and everytime Dunkay walked in, I could yell, “NO DUNKAY! BAD BOY! STAY AWAY FROM THE GRAIN! I’M WATCHING YOU! DO YOU WANT ME TO SEND YOUR DADDY OUT THERE!” I could watch him gallop out of the barn freaking out!

Oh the fun I could have with walkie talkies here on the farm! I can yell out “BOB” from inside the house to make him gobble . I could tell Lincoln there’s a strange dog walking down the street so hurry and do your warning cry.

Oooo, how about snap at Chad while he is doing chores that he needs to throw down more hay bales or chase a rooster out of the hen house, or lecture Remi about how she shouldn’t eat so much without her snorting at me in anger?!

Oh the fun to be had! By George, perhaps, I will go back and buy me a pair or two or six walkie talkies to hide all over Addie Acres!!


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