The wasp!

Chad and I were sitting in a looooong line at Culver’s waiting for our turn to play ‘Let’s make a deal’ with the squeaky voice in the little box who is always happy to see us with a welcoming ‘our pleasure’ greeting!

As we sit there waiting, a crow-sized wasp flys in through the open window to see if there are any sweets left out in the open that it can grab with its King Crab claws and take back to the nest. Well, Mr. Wasp flys around our heads and in between our flailing arms that resembled a tennis match! I swat the mostly-stinger bug, Chad swats it back towards me! Back and forth we push the wasp towards the other.

After a about 45 seconds of being a tennis ball, Mr. Wasp has had enough of these wacky humans who are acting like frightened children as they cried out for the nice lady inside the box to come out and he beelined out. I’m sure Mr. Big Stinger is at the nest telling all the tiny larva a story about a couple of wacky humans who freaked over teeny tiny him who fought them off with a flap of wings!


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