Up Too Early…again!

Why Nancy its 6am, your up so early! I thought you didn’t do mornings or early afternoons or evenings these days?!!

Yep, those roosters started their pre-dawn ‘let’s-wake-up-the humans-just-because-we-can’ cackles under my bedroom window before the sun was able to stretch out its arm and gently rise up into the sky to give a warm welcoming good morning!

Not one, not two, not three ‘I-have-a-death-wish, pain-in-the-tail-feathers birds’…but FOUR roosters gathered in a semi circle like the Rat Pack (only us old folks know who the Rat Pack is) and put on a show as they crrrroooowwwweeddd in disharmony!
Gosh, I hate those birds!

Anyone want a FREE rooster…or two…or three? He comes with one hen so you too can wake bright and early before every living creature within 10 miles and have farm fresh eggs everyday! If you’re lucky, your new hen will hatch a few chicks! Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Better get here fast, before they’re all gone!

An Addie Acres one of a kind, genuine, original, must have, signed Rooster and hen!! Get em while they last….please.

If this keeps up I may have to throw in a cat, mini-pig, Super Farmer…anything to make the chorus stop! 🐓 🐷 🧔


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