Chippies new stroller!

Chad and I have been talking about taking more walks, you know, to spend more quality time together, getting some much needed exercise during these trying times. We thought we would start with the walking trails at Kessling Park. Its a smooth scenic path and should be easy for us old folks.

I had this bright idea of taking Mr. Growly, aka Chippie with us to get him away from the turkey who wants to eat him. But since Mr. I’m-never-happy is barely 7 lbs when soaking wet with feet smaller than my thumb, I thought it would be better to buy a doggie stroller. Uh huh, thats right…a dog stroller! A cute purple one of course! My over active imagination has now taken over to show me what a typical walk would look like!

Chad and I pull into the Kessling parking lot with Mr Nope-not-happy on my lap growling at all the squirrels scurrying for dropped pinecones, birds singing in the trees, and an occasional leaf blowing past our vehicle. Chad walks to the back of the Jeep to get out Chippie’s brand new, never used, cute purple doggie stroller with the 500 zippered parts.
After mumbled disagreement, some banging around, and glaring at me through the window for making him take a tiny chihuahua who hates everything on a ‘relaxing’ walk, he gets the cute little doggie contraption together.

He motions me to hurry up, get out and put Mr Snap-at-anything-that-moves into the stroller with the 500 zippers. As usual, I walk my fun loving pup at arms length to put him in the stroller. Chippie takes one look at the thing that wants to trap him inside, and starts his famous low growl that even makes our lamas run and hide! He is also starting to squirm letting us know that he will never, ever, never sit inside that thing! I don’t know what to do, so I quickly give him to Chad before he realizes that our grumpy fur baby is now growling in HIS arms as I step back so he can’t give him back to me!

Now Chippie is really mad! Chad stands next to the purple 500 zippered stroller holding an extremely mad chihuahua that looks like he’s swimming snapping at fish right to left, as far away from his face as he possibly can! I open the stroller, and advise Chad to just throw him in…I will zip it up before he can turn around to jump out to bite our ankles! He tosses in this dog that maybe should never live with humans, I zip it up, and we high five each for a job well done without bites, scratches, or chasing 7lbs of snapping fur down the road!

We then do our paper, rock, and scissors game to see who is going to push the purple stroller that looks like a jiffy popcorn pan, especially as the dog throws himself from side to side trying to escape. As usual, I win so Chad grudgingly pushes a goofy little stroller past other couples pushing real strollers with toddlers, apologizing for the horrible sounds, coming from the one he’s pushing, that inevitably scare their kids.

Yep, that’s what I want to do! I’m ordering one today, should be here by Friday, Chad and I will go for our first family walk on Saturday! I think I’ll add more excitement to our walk and take Biscuit too, who of course will be tied to the stroller that Chad will be pushing! I hope he hangs on tight, because the first rabbit Biscuit sees will make him take off like a bullet dragging a purple stroller with a super angry Chippie and a defeated Super Farmer Chad!


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