yip yap…me?

Chad claims I talk to much when he’s trying to work, so he put on ear phones to block out all noise…AKA…my chit chat. I disagree, I hardly ever talk, I’m one of the most quiet people you’ll ever meet! I hardly ever open my mouth to speak, I certainly wouldn’t want to tell him about my exciting day with 7 large animals, or tell him about how many times Chippie snapped at Biscuit, or how BOB gobbled every single time I yelled out his name today (which was around 20 because I was bored), or that I forgot to turn off the hose to the ducks swimming pool for like 3 hours and now we have a large pond beside the barn that is now the llamas new watering hole! And I would never mention (while laughing) to him how HIS pig ate all the scratch grain off the back porch again because she escaped through the hole that he swore up and down that he fixed in such a way that HIS pig would never, ever get through again!! Me…I hardly ever yip yap to the guy!


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