Germ x or Beanie baby?

Does anyone remember the Beanie Baby craze?

People stood in lines outside the Hallmark store waiting for the clerk to open those doors as you eye balled the folks around you to see if you could beat them to the sacred shelf lined with the newest and rarest Beanie Babies in all of La Porte County? Uh huh…yeah you do.

Well, I was one of those crazy Beanie mamas trying to grab that new adorable kitten with the red heart tag for my kiddos. They absolutely ‘had to have or they’d die, can’t live without’. They simply had to show off to their friends that THEY got the newest Beanie Baby that only a handful of folks actually had. All were convinced the cute little plush animals would be of great value and worth trading family heirlooms for!

Recently, I felt like that Beanie mama from 20 years ago except this time I imagined running from store to store searching for that impossible to find, must have or I’ll die, hand sanitizer and anything that had the name lysol, or Charmin on it! I pictured waiting for certain stores to open those glass double doors while eye balling the ladies who were suspiciously eye balling me back!

I saw myself cupping my hands on the glass, face pressed against the cold window trying to spot the big bold red letters spelling out L.Y.S.O.L. or G.E.R.M.-X! Or, the most coveted item in the 21st century…the item that makes people turn into hoarders…
grabbing machines…the one thing you would buy on the black market for 200 times its worth…TOILET PAPER!! Uh huh, that’s right the rolls of white gold! The absolutely can not, will not, never live with out!

The clerk would open those doors and grey haired ladies raced young women in pony tails in the midst of a whoopy-cay-yi-ya stampede in to grab those hard to find items that no one else surely found within 100 miles!

Yep, that’s what we have been reduced to! The Beanie Baby craze is back, but this time in a bottle that promises to keep you healthy…as long as you don’t touch your face!!


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