Strong winds and….

Well poo! I looked out the window to see all the animals standing in a circle outside in the rain and wind. Most folks would wonder what in the heck is going on when they see 3 llamas, an alpaca, a donkey, a mini horse and a pig gathered around in one spot. Not me, I’m used to it. I’ve learned the hard way over the years not to get my curiosity up as it will eventually involve me chasing, pushing, scolding or running away before I get surrounded by upset, think-they’re-starving-to-death animals because they haven’t eaten for 38 seconds!

So I stayed inside and tried to figure out what they were doing. After a few minutes, I couldn’t stand it and I needed to know what they were looking at! So, of course, I grabbed my coffee, got comfy in my chair by the picture window, and sent Chad out there in the wind and rain to figure out what was going on out there and report back to me ASAP.

My faithful Super Farmer hubby put on hip waders, his cute yellow slicker coat with matching hat that I bought him for such a time as this (he looooves wearing in public, I’m sure), he opened the door and I pointed to the animal huddle and affirmed, “GO!”. He bent his head toward the high wind and made his way to the circle of fur!

I watched him from the window to make sure he got there okay. Chad got to the animals, wiggled his way into an open spot and stood there with the dingbats looking down as the wind howled past them, rain hitting them like tiny ice rockets…they all just stood there. I’m like…really?

So, I thrust off my heated chair blanket and went upstairs to look out my bedroom window for a better view. (I can practically see the lighthouse from up there!) And what were they staring at? The 7 foot tall new Mother’s Day present metal rooster laying on the ground due to the strong wind racing across the pasture! Again…really?!

I can just hear their conversation!

Chad: oh no guys, the rooster fell!
Lincoln: yep
Sammie: no kidding
Sweetie: uh…yeah
Violet: sure looks that way
Dunkay: huh?!
Remi: is there grain under it?
Laci: what are we looking at again?
Chad: wanna help me put it back up?
Lincoln: nope
Sammie: your kidding, right?
Sweetie: uh…no way
Violet: I dont see that happening
Dunkay: huh?!
Remi: sure if there’s food under there
Laci: what’s going on again?

Yep, life on the funny farm!


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