Workers meet Remi

Okay, this made me chuckle. We have a couple young guys working outside around our house today, setting up some things for us. They got to meet the dingbats and heard all the good things about each of our beloved fur babies…except for ‘that creature’ named Remi, the potbelly from the underworld! We told them to just stay away from her because 99.9% of the time she is in a grumpy mood.

Well, they’re working away out there and need to work on the corner of our garage to mount a camera facing the barn so we can keep an eye out for coyotes. One of the young whippersnappers came up and asked me if it was safe for him to get inside that fence without the pig coming near him?

Unfortunately, my warped sense of humor took over and I responded by saying, “Of course, just dont go near her, do not touch her, don’t act like you might touch her, do your social distance of 6 feet from her at all times, do not, I repeat, do not, eat in front of her, and whatever you do…DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT!!”

The poor guy stood in front of me looking mortified, softly asked, “really?” I had to be nice and respond by saying I was kidding

So I watched him walk to the gate, look all around to see where the pig was, cautiously open the gate, go in, walk to his spot where he needs to mount the camera and who comes waddling out of the barn towards him as fast as her stubby little legs can? Yep, you guessed it, Remi!! She made a bee line to him!

He stopped, looked at the pig who was now standing a few feet away from him giving him the ‘feed me now or die’ glare and called the other guy over to help him with his now porker problem. The other worker walks to the gate, looks at the pig (who is now snorting in anger because there is no food being thrown towards her) and says, “no way dude, I’m not going in there!”

I finally went out with some grain and got ‘miss-pain-in-the-butt back to the barn so the kid could keep working. I told him that I would bring Dunkay out to stand guard over him. He was okay with having a donkey near by.

I just looked out the window to see Dunkay trying to get his nose inside the young man’s pockets for a possible hidden treat! Hmmm, I probably should have given a heads up about that one too.


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