Heading food

Yep, this coronavirus scare has spread to the barn! The animals have taken sides, formed new social circles and are hoarding the hay…scratch grain… sweet grain…the barn kitty’s food…the flock block…and tiny patches of grass trying to sprout in certain areas.

The llamas have taken over the back part of the barn where most of the hay is stored. They are also protecting the back pasture. Violet is in the pen keeping an eye on things…such as chickens trying to sneak in through a hole in the gate, and always watching for the biggest thief of them all…Remi!

That pig is more round than she is tall, but she is like Mr Deed’s butler…’sneaky, sneaky’! You can be standing in the middle of a wide open pasture with no trees, buildings, bushes, animals…nothing but grass and wind…and suddenly you see out of the corner of your eye, a fat round black thing 2 inches away from you staring up with beady red eyes and a demanding foaming mouth. ‘Poof’ and there she is! So, Violet has to be on a constant high alert for the appearing and disappearing pig that can eat up everyone’s stash within 7.9 seconds.

Sweetie is guarding the outside barn door making sure only Sammie and Lincoln get in…which is silly because she should know by now that Dunkay and Laci (who doesn’t move around anyway) is not, nor will ever be a llama. Sammie and Lincoln are on ‘hunt for food’ duty. They search the pasture for grass and then stand at the patch screaming out their war cry cackle so every animal within 10 miles knows and understands that this grass belongs to them only!

Dunkay and Laci have taken over the front part of the barn where they can keep a watchful eye on the scratch grain. Unfortunately, not a lot of grass has the chance to start growing because of Laci’s grass radar. It knockes her out of her coma so she can gallop (the only time the horse ever runs!) to the new patch of green blades (I swear I can hear that grass screaming in fear) so she can slip into a new coma forgetting about life’s problems.

The horse and donkey do have the same Remi problem that the llamas have. Dunkay could spot a teeny tiny piece of grain buried under the hay, open his mouth to eat it and get a mouthful of black bristly pig hair instead because little miss ‘reappear out of nowhere’ has her piggy snout vacuuming it up!

Yep, everyone in the barn is on high alert and guarding their hoarded food. I keep telling the dingbats that they can’t get the virus, it’s for humans only so relax, enjoy the farm and each other. Of course, as soon as I suggest that they enjoy each other, they all look down at the pig who is eating some of their stocked up food, look back up at me with glaring eyes, ears back, hooves pawing the ground, angrily snorting…demanding that I get rid of ‘that creature!’ I always promise them that I will send Super Farmer right out to take care of their little fat problem! I just don’t have the heart to tell them he waved the white flag regarding Remi long ago.


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