Bird brain rooster!

Unfortunately, we don’t have the brightest chickens in the land of Addie Oz. As I did my bird dance, complete with flapping arms next to my feathered friends, I chased loose chickens back towards the back barn and into their outside pen. Once the Chicken Dance was complete, I assumed all were back where they belonged.

Then, as I turned around to sing my llama song to the dingbats that were watching me ‘do my thing’ with 3 roosters and 6 squawking hens, I saw out of the corner of my eye a loose rooster running back and forth along the fence trying to find a way in to join his fellow bird brains.
I knew I chased all of them, so I wasn’t sure how I missed one. I opened the gate, chased him in with the others, closed it and made sure it was latched.

Again, i turned around to finish my famous, one of a kind, llama song to my now one and only dingbat left standing there hoping for a better show (and he’s an alpaca!). I took a deep breath, opened my mouth to let the melody flow out when, again, I saw that dang rooster on the outside strutting back and forth like an expectant father in the waiting room! I held up one finger to Lincoln and said, “I’ll be right back” and turned to get Mr Annoyance back with the flock. I chase him in, he runs to the other chickens, they squawk…flap…peck…
normal things that bird brains do. I turn to Lincoln who is being a good boy by waiting for me to finish amusing him when yep…that rooster is out!

Now I’m getting annoyed…and curious. I chase, latch and step back to watch. That rooster went straight to an opening between the fence and gate, just big enough for him to squeeze through. He gets out…looks around, realized he’s not with the hens then proceeds to run back and forth along the fence upset that he’s not inside. I’m like…really?! I put you in, you squeeze out within 3.6 seconds then get upset that you’re out!

Yup, he is looking mighty tasty right about now.


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