Running with turkeys, and a donkey

Another normal day on the farm! I’m sure your all wondering what is considered ‘normal’ here on the Addie Acres funny farm?

Well, I had to get 3 llamas and one alpaca out of my back yard, through the front pasture, and into their field of plenty. So I got ‘that pig’ and Dunkay busy with extra grain, opened the gate and herded those llamas back into the pasture. I then opened up the back gate, went back to my now scattered herd of fur and did my best mama llama herding skills…ya know, waving my arms, and yelling, “HUP, HUP, LETS GO!” like a true farmer.

Yup, those doggies went galloping to the back except for one, Violet, who took a hard left heading towards the barn.

I got the 3 obedient ones in their area then turned my attention to the rogue llama eating the horse hay. I swooshed Violet out of the barn and did a repeat of my famer yell complete with moving arms and a cute side step to be different. She took off running, which means I have to run with her. I quickly realized that I made the mistake by carrying a grain cup with me because BOB, Gobble Gobble and Dunkay spotted the white plastic cup with the big yellow arches on it, thinking I had a treat for them. Yep, you guessed it, they ran alongside me as I chased a galloping llama! So…Nancy, two turkeys and a donkey were running together after a llama! Really? At my age I’m running with feathers and fur in a large open field where everyone can see?

I finally ushered Violet through the gate, but had to quickly close it before Dunkay followed her in. Of course, we have a loooong metal chain to wrap around it to keep it closed because Dunkay learned years ago how to work the latch, open it up so he could terrorize the llamas. Now I’m standing at the gate with a donkey that has his nose between the gate and fence pushing it as two turkeys peck at the cup in my hand!

It took me 5 minutes to secure that lock. Of course 4.5 minutes of that was with Dunkay’s nose between the 2″ opening, my arm reaching around his neck and under his head wrapping the chain to the fence as the turkeys stood behind me gobbling and flapping for more food while the llamas stood on the other side watching the entertainment…snickering I’m sure!

And, honestly, when I got done, I raised my arms in victory, did a little dance and loudly sang, ” I rule, you drool, woo hoo, I win!”


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