Wrapping gifts…oh the joy!

Want to add spice to your marriage by having it balance on the frustrating, angry, you upset me by ‘not doing it right’ side?? Wrap Christmas presents together. Oh the joy it will bring you and your spouse!

Chad and I are currently wrapping 5390 presents (or less). We split the huge mountain of ‘sure to bless gifts’ in equal parts. We have a grown kid’s pile, grandchildren (born and unborn) pile, sibling spouse pile, friends and ‘we’re not really sure if they are’ friends pile, and my favorite…all animals big and small pile.

We sit on opposite sides of the table that you can’t see anymore…each with our own scissors, tape and colorful tissue paper. For some strange reason, it always becomes a competition of who can wrap the fastest and get done first (I usually win because I sneak some of my gifts to be wrapped over into his pile).

We get the white kitchen timer, set it for an hour and dig in. We say out loud our ‘GET READY, GET SET, GO!!’
And we’re off to see who can get done first.

That’s when all inside fur babies hide from the flying bits of paper, ribbon, too small boxes and bags with strangers name on it (which I use anyway). I eye ball his pile, he eye balls mine, we grimace at each other, I push another gift into his pile.
He complains that his pile is bigger than mine while I point out all his mistakes. He grabs my christmas bag I was using, I accidentally shove his scissors off the table then in simultaneous motion kick it across the room. He grumbles inarticulate words while getting up from the table to retrieve his scissors, I take one of his small gifts and replace it with one of my big ones! He angrily sits back down and finds that he now has 10 more presents to wrap and I only have one.

I win! A true Christmas miracle!!!


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