Farm excercises!

If you are a true farm woman, it is impossible to get fat! I was out in the barn, field and yard today for an hour and a half, climbing hay stacks, moving bales, filling up animal water bins inside the barn. I did my grain dance with the circling goats and horses. I then emptied out the turtle shaped sand box that the quackers use for a pool, rinsing it out as my impatient ducks flapped and squawked at me the whole time. I climbed over a bunny fence, taking part of it down to make their pen bigger. I swept, then hosed off the back porch from duck poop. I searched for eggs with Dunkay (only found 5..dang hens are getting sneaky again). I chased Llamas out of their pen into the back pasture so I could close it up and let chickens out to enjoy some fresh air and peck at the brown grass. I carried 2 large arm loads of hay to put out for the Llamas and the best exercise of all….I saw Dillon running towards the garage so I sprinted from the middle of the yard to beat him there. I just fed the kitties and left the door open because I wasn’t done with my cat chores when I saw him do a bee-line for the opening! Ha! I beat him! I got there 2 seconds before he did and I loudly said to him, “I win, you lose, no kitty food for you!!” He grunted at me and walked away to see if he could get into the bunny pen for rabbit pellets. Tonight, I’m going to be lazy and herd everybody back into the barn with my Jeep, window down yelling “HEE HAAAW!!..ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING< KEEP THEM DOGGIES ROLLING!!”

Wow…that was from 2013!! Six years ago! I’m too old for that kind of work now…so now when things need to get done, I write out my 10 page ‘Honey-Do or else list’ and give it to Super Farmer as I shove him out the door! Now my exercise consist of my mouth moving non stop with powerful word excercises like, “Wait! You forgeot to grab the 50lb bag of scratch grain! Stop…you need to come back and take C.S. with you along with 10 loose hens! Watch out, here comes Dunkay…he’s hungry! Don’t trip over Remi again, she hates that! And as you discovered (the hard way), theres nothing worse than a mad, starving to death waddling pig with an attitude the size of Texas! Since your going out, grab the trash can and take it to the curb, oh and check the mail while your out there! The llamas…for goodness sake feed those llamas and try not to get spit on this time! One more thing honey pie, I noticed yesterday that the water bins need to be emptied and refilled…Dunkay pooped in one, the duck swam in the pigs dish, there’s llama spit in one and the outside water has something weird smimming around inside it!”

Yep, that about sums it up for MY exercise!!


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