Screaming out frustrations

I friend of mine Lorrie was having a bad day and posted how she just wanted to scream! Well, I asked her if I could scream with her, because my day wasn’t so good either. She responded by asking if she could come over and we could scream together at the animals to see what they would do! Well, you know me…my over active imagination takes over and I can just picture what it would like if we stood outside and screamed out our frustrations!

This could happen…really!

It is a beautiful Fall day. Gold and orange leaves are gently swirling to the ground already blanketed with their comrades. A few song birds on their journey south to a warmer climate, are chirping away, resting on the branches of our huge oak tree that has lost its green color replacing it with yellows, reds and browns. The llamas are grazing nearby, lost in their thoughts of winter coming and how to claim the only warm spot in the barn without ‘that pig’ touching them. Dunkay is laying in the sun napping, his legs twitching as if he’s chasing a llama or two away from the barns warmest corner that he plans to guard with limb and hoof all winter!

Laci is in her usual coma from eating, Remi is vacuuming up all scratch grain that she chased the chickens away from, and BOB? Well, he’s “gobbling” at every noise that remotely sounds like the word BOB!

Lorrie and I stand at the gate to let out all frustrations from the past 60 years or so. We face each other, hold perfectly still, clasp hands, take a deep breath, and yell like there’s no tomorrow!!

The llamas will jump up and start running in circles, bumping into each other as spit flies! Lincoln, our alpaca, will stand like a statue, ears flat and join in with his warning cry in case we are yelling at a coyote sneaking around! Dunkay will hop up and gallop towards us in case he’s missing something exciting like a tasry dandelion just popped up! Remi will come waddling over because she’s convinced that we are calling her over to suprise her with breakfast, lunch, dinner and five midnight snacks given to her all at once. Bob will gobble because he thought he heard his name again, and Laci wont move because she’s still in a 24/7 coma from eating.

Lorrie Lotter-Audette and I will just keep yelling and yelling and yelling until the cows come home! (well, if we had cows) In our case, until the llamas hide in the barn, Dunkay HEE HAWS with us, Remi angrily grunts at us because no food has dropped in front of her dirty little piggy snout, BOB will keep on gobbling, Laci has one eye focused on us out of her coma, and the new neighbors will look at each other, shrug their shoulders remembering that the nice folks across the street warned them about strange and unusual sights and sounds coming from the funny farm that borders on twilight zone instead of normal so don’t be alarmed!


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