Morning wake up call

Well, I unwillingly got up early this morning because of something making a loud annoying noise outside our bedroom window! Your all thinking, ‘that darn C.S. (rooster known as Chicken Soup, thus C.S.) is at it again!’ Nope…C.S. has been taking a break lately…I hope he isn’t sick! Anyhoo…at the crack of dawn I woke up to this horrible, loud crackle like sound. My mind wakes up slower than my body and automatically goes into ‘figure out the noise mode in case its dangerous’!

The first place the ‘refusing to be alert before the birds’ mind goes to because it already lives there…is the twilight zone, complete with music as Rod Sterlings voice whispers into my ear, “you have now entered into the twilight zone”…that usually wakes me up quick!

I now have one eye open. I listen…there it is again…the noise in the wall? Under the bed? Hiding in the closet? Hanging off the ceiling fan? Under the pillow, the covers? It’s hard to make out between Chad’s night sounds! So I cover my hubby’s mouth long enough for him to pop his eyes open because he can’t breathe! He glares at me with a ‘what are you nuts…trying to smother me again’ look? (I get those looks everyday after I ask him a simple little question like, “should we bring the ducks in out of the rain? They’re getting wet!”). I hush him before he can speak, get close to his ear and whisper…”Do you hear that horrible sound? Do you think we’re being bombed? Could it be the barn falling down? You think Dunkay is chasing another neighbor down the road? Is it Remi’s tummy grumbling from hunger? Is it the end of the world?” I am now shaking the poor man to get up, get dressed, grab a baseball bat, get the pitbull riled up, make chippie growl…just do something and protect the farm!!

He is now wide awake and NOT happy! He pulls back the curtain and looks. What terror could it be?! Then, in disbelief states, ‘Um, it’s only YOUR stupid duck quacking.’
Chad looks at me with his famous ‘you really have lost it’ look as I say in my best, sweetest, coy little voice…”but honey it could’ve been something really horrible and I just wanted my big strong, brave, handsome man to protect me!” He didn’t buy it and the duck quacked away until C.S. joined in for a morning duet serenade!


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