Waiting for hay man!

Another wagon load of green, fresh, yummy hay is coming today! And the ding bats are lined up at the gate already! They’re whispering back and forth to each other…just like fans lined up behind the gold rope next to the red carpet, excitedly waiting for their favorite movie star to pull up and waltz past them!

Three llamas, one alpaca, a naughty donkey, a comatose mini-horse, and an overweight ‘doesn’t-need-any’ more-food-ever potbelly pig will all stand there and wait for Charles the hay man to drive up the driveway, get out and walk past them to the barn to see which gate he should go in with the truck load of gold! They’ll swoon and, as always, one will surely faint from the sight of they’re favorite non family human who brings them the best hay with a touch of alfalfa for them and only them.

Perhaps Charles will give out autographs to his adoring fans!!


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