I’m interesting!

I was feeling kinda blue last night and sometimes a woman just needs to hear how beautiful, wonderful, great, needed, wanted they are from their hubby or boyfriend. So I asked Chad in one breath within 2.3 seconds…”Do you love me? Do you think I’m fat? Do I look old? Do you think I’m frumpy? Am I boring? Do I look pudgy in my clothes? Do I act old? Well?!”

He lovingly looked at me, and answered in a sweet voice, “You’re one of the most interesting women I’ve ever known.”

Interesting? What happened to beautiful? Sexy? Young and vibrant?

I replied, in a monotone voice, “Really…interesting?”

He said, “Well yeah, have you read the stuff you write?” Of course I’ve read it…I wrote it!

Apparently he thinks I’m ‘interesting’ because of my goofy stories. Oh well, at my age…I’ll take it!!!

(Full disclosure, he also says the other obligatory husband ‘beautiful’, ‘attractive’, etc remarks…to which I reply, ‘yeah, right’, ‘uh-huh’ and other whats-up-your-sleave responses.)


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