Fun with mother and the freezer

Fun with mother…

I took mother to Krogers today. I should know by now that the promise of ‘I just need a couple of things so it should only take a few minutes’ is never, never, never, never ever true!
Her few items that should only be a minute or three, turned out to be a basket filled to the top, taking at least an hour! An hour you say? Yes…an hour…give or take a day or two! And why does it take mother an hour to pick up a few (cough cough) items? Because she stands at the freezer with the door open and looks, searching for that boxed dinner that was taken off the market 10 years ago! She moves every box around to find what she wants or didn’t want! She stands there soooooooo long that the door fogs up (see pic) and 80% of the frozen foods are now ready to eat because they have now reached room temperature.
When mother does find that perfect instant meal in a box, it is…where? That’s right, on the very top shelf as far as it can be! And who has to practically get inside the now defrosted freezer, standing on the bottom shelf, stretching as far as she can go without tearing ligaments or becoming a permanent fixture inside the dang thing? Yep, you guessed it…ME!
And what can be worse than that? Getting the wrong box and having to do it again as mother stands behind me with encouraging words such as…”what’s taking you so long…do you see the one I want…no that’s not it…keep looking…I’m tired of standing here watching you…which one did I want again…I changed my mind, grab the tuna noodle dinner on the bottom shelf instead…why did you come out of the freezer without my dinner?”

Yep, I call my adventures with my mommy…M.M. short for Mother Marathon!


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