Baby shower race!

Ah baby showers. A place where the old and young gather to touch a protruding tummy, and Ooooooo over the lucky mama to be. It’s also a place where everyone eyes that last cupcake on the counter.

Well, I wanted that last cupcake, I wanted it real bad. I just didn’t want to jump up and grab the sugar mound of frosting, so I talked my niece Tami Gilpin into getting the treat that was calling my name! She kinda grumbled about it, but I promised to let her feed Remi and chase Dunkay. Well that perked her up and she got up to get dear old auntie a cupcake!

I noticed as she was weaving through the tiny aisles of seats crammed with ladies excitedly telling each other stories about “how they labored for 6 weeks just to give birth to an 18 pound baby boy that was teething already” when I noticed a cute little grandma with a pink flowered cane, making her way to the one and only, final, soon-to-be-gone cupcake with MY name on it! I pssssst’d as loud as I could to get Tami’s attention without having every horror story of the worst birth ever known to man to stop being told and all eyes turn towards me. She stopped and looked at me with a ‘huh?’ expression. I pointed to the little old lady who had picked up speed heading straight towards MY cupcake!

My loyal niece nodded and started a little jog towards the counter. The cute little granny, wise in her years of cupcake grabbing experience, picked up the speed. Woo hoo! A race! I elbowed everyone beside me and asked if anyone wanted to take bets on who was going to get that cupcake?! We all piled our money on the table with a slip of paper inked with odds!

It was exciting as we sat on the edge of our seats watching the young whippersnapper and the elderly lady with the pink flowered cane careen toward cupcake paradise. I couldn’t help myself so I started to announce the race…”Here they come ladies and ladies, Tami the Wind and Miss Galloping Granny. Tami is coming up fast, turning past the table of gossip…Granny is going straight up the aisle swinging her cane back and forth, warning folks not to push their chair in front of her, ignoring the story’s of birth horror. Oh no…a child is standing in front of Tami the Wind and refuses to move! Jump, Tami, Jump…get MY cupcake!!!

Ahhhhhh, my girl jagged left past the now screaming toddler and is ahead of Galloping Granny!

Well…you get the story.

My niece got the cupcake! And, the elderly lady? Turns out they had another full tray behind the counter that they brought out and she got two. Turns out Granny truly did know best on how to run the Cupcake race at Baby Shower Racetrack!


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