Turkey chases the Pit!

Sheesh. Sometimes I don’t know if I should laugh, cry, scream, or throw a tantrum.
I’m not sure if we’re a circus, a twilight zone show, a comedy act or what!

This my friends, is true…

I was outside getting a 50lb bag of scratch grain out of my Jeep talking to my mother on the phone when out of the corner of my eye I saw Biscuit, our big bad powerful Pit, run past the tree as fast as he could go. I kinda shook my head because I see all kinds of things around here…sometimes normal, most times not. Within 3 seconds I saw a brown feathered thing running in the same direction, past the tree. Now I’m curious…not because I want some entertainment, but because I know something is chasing something that shouldn’t be which will probably involve me in some way that I don’t want to be involved with!

I waited a few seconds squinting towards the sun to see Biscuit galloping as fast as he can back towards me with BOB a few inches behind him. The turkey doesn’t like Biscuit…it borders on hate. My guard Pit is hiding behind me. The turkey doesn’t care who the dog is taking shelter behind, he is going to get that dog or else!

Now, I have a very heavy bag of grain half in, half out of the Jeep, the phone up to my ear as my mother is talking a mile a minute about how I need to call someone for her NOW, an angry turkey, and a 95 lb dog running around and through my legs as I try not to drop the grain while agreeing with my mother about who knows what! I’m yelling at Biscuit to get away from me because BOB is trying to go between me and the Jeep to attack. My mother thinks I’m yelling at her and I’m getting super frustrated because now every bird we own is flapping towards me eyeing the yellow grain bag.

Biscuit then runs to the back door (which is open) to get away from the turkey who wants to kill him. By George, if that dang bird didn’t follow that big baby pitbull into my house! I’m like “really”?! I tell my mother who is still yapping that I’ll call her back (I still don’t know what she was talking about). I drop the yummy food on the ground which ripped a hole in the side letting it spill. I run to my back door to get BOB out of my house. I found the two of them running from the living room to the kitchen. Again, “really”?

I yell at the turkey, I yell at Biscuit…I yell because it’s all I can do at this point! The last 5 seconds before I got that dang turkey out of my house was a blur of dog, bird, feathers, chippie growling, cats meowing, a female voice having a melt down (must of been mine) and dust swirling around. I slam the door shut…I lecture BOB about not chasing the dogs who strutted away gobbling at me and shook it off…literally.

I go back to the Jeep to gather my scratch grain off the ground only to find ‘that pig’ broke out of her area and was eating the tasty yum yums along with 10 hens, 3 roosters, Gobble Gobble, the duck and a few sparrows as BOB proudly stood near by knowing he kept his flock of misfits safe.


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