Bitty Boy2 and a stink bug

Bitty Boy2 got to play with a stink bug tonight for the first time! He spotted the helpless critter scrambling across the carpet, put on his best mountain cat crouch, stared it down, then let loose like a lion in Africa going after the kill by leaping through the air, claws protruding from outstretched legs, a loud growling ‘meeeeooow’ escaping out of his supressed wild cat throat…landing on the tiny unsuspecting brown bug! Bitty Boy circled, swiped, batted, then sniffed which forced him to jumped back like he saw a ghost! He shook his head a few times, ran from the teeny terror and hid behind Biscuit who already had his unwanted experience with a stink bug two years ago…refusing to go anywhere near one again!
I don’t think BB2 will be chasing after anymore stink bugs for the rest of his 9 lives!!


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