Dunkay in police work!

Our new nextdoor neighbors had their four wheeler stolen awhile back and they called the police to make a report. Well, they had not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE cars come out! According to our new neighbor, they all had a different story about why they were called out there. As I listened to the story, I sorta went into my own twilight zone because as usual, my imagination takes off on a ‘what if’ story!

My ‘what if’ this time was…

What if Dunkay was allowed to help in their police work and help track down the missing four wheeler 🤔🤔

I believe it would go something like this…

Dunkay was standing by the fence chewing on my Queen Ann’s Lace that I was letting grow up because I was hoping to get some beautiful sunset pics with them, when he noticed many police cars roaring down the dirt driveway with lights flashing, sirens blaring…a large dust cloud bellowing up blocking out the sun behind the cars.

Well, Dunkay loves loud sounds and pretty flashing lights! He trots over to the spot where there is now a gathering of cops trying to figure out which path the four wheeler went through the bean field in the middle of the night. Dunkay loves excitement, after all, the only exciting thing here on the farm, is the llamas spitting on the pig. So Mr Nosey works the gate until it opens so he can help. He gets through, sneaks up on the serious policemen huddled at the edge of the bean field looking for tracks and puts his head inside the private circle of badges making everyone jump and scatter!

The nice neighbor lady reassures them that the naughty donkey is harmless, just curious about everything and everyone all the time. Nobody wants to mess with the big hairy animal with the weeds hanging out of his mouth, so they leave him be. Cop number one finds vehicle tracks going into the bean field and decides to follow it as the others gather clues and take statements.

As you all know, my animals are curious about everything, so every farm animal we own, including Bob the turkey who gobbles every time he thinks his name is being called, is now lined up at the fence watching, taking bets on how long it will be before Dunkay gets hauled off to jail for being a nuisance!

Well, Dunkay always wanted to get involved in police work so he quietly walks behind cop number one. After all, the over curious donkey looooves finding things like eggs, hidden grain, feathers, more grain, baseball hats, dropped grain, buckets, bags of grain, etc .
The policeman stops to look around…Dunkay stops at the same time, looking around too. Mr Policeman slowly starts going again, the donkey follows, keeping in perfect step…all he needs is a Sherlock Holmes hat!
They get to the middle of the farm pasture…a county cop with his hand on his gun and a donkey sniffing the air…standing, looking, searching the field as the soybean leaves gently flap in the wind, a butterfly flutters past, a black bird squawking at a Sparrow, a hawk swoops down with talons out in front of him, picking up a tiny squealing brown mouse.

After about 20 minutes of the odd couple stomping around in the field, Mr. Policeman decides that the four wheeler is long gone and decides to head back. So they strut back to the others to tell them what they found which is nothing, although the donkey found an empty grain sack. They all turned around to see Dunkay still standing in the bean field eating a yellow scratch grain bag. (I hope our new neighbors like excitement and farm sounds because that’s what they’re going to get…a lot…
constantly…no stop!)


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