Bread chase!

Oh my gosh…I need a body cam! This is so funny!
I took bread out to the chickens, turkeys and quacker. Of course Remi and Dunkay came galloping over to push away all their feathered friends so that they can have all of the bread along with the tiny crumbs to themselves.
I’m a nice farm mommy and gave Dunkay his own slice of bread because I love him, or to keep him occupied by chewing for a bit so I can throw food around, over and under him.
Well, Gobble Gobble was right next to him and by george if that turkey didn’t grab that slice of bread right out of his chewing mouth and run with it! Yep, she saw, grabbed, and ran! Dunkay is looking at me like, ‘what the heck just happened?’ I nodded towards the running white turkey with a whole slice of bread hanging out of her beak, and causally said, “yep, she got it didn’t she!” Dunkay perked up, narrowed his eyes with a ‘no way is some bird brain gonna get MY food’ look and took off after her! Gobble Gobble is running and flapping towards the barn with the treat. Dunkay was only a tail feather or two behind, catching up fast! Well, BOB saw his woman being chased by a donkey and ran after them which of course made Remi want to get in the action in case the bread got dropped! There they went…the four of them waddling, galloping and flapping around the pasture for a piece of bread. I rolled my eyes, shook my head, and gave the duck an extra piece of bread as the foursome went around the corner of the barn out of sight leaving a cloud of dust behind! I don’t know who ate the prize, my guess is that it got dropped and the four of them dived for it and Remi got it because she’s a pig.
Oh brother!


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