Lazy morning

A lazy, warm Tuesday morning. I’m so relaxed sitting in my comfy chair, sipping my Irish cream coffee. I’m looking out the window watching the birds jump from branch to branch. I can hear the birdies chirping, the breeze stirring the leaves….the dogs snoring. Oh what a wonderful morning….that is until I decided to get up and see what the naughties were doing in the pasture. My coffee is now spilled in the sink, the birds have flown into another tree in fear because I am now yelling out the window at Dunkay and Laci who are squaring off with the llamas for their part of the lush, green grass on the llama side of the field. It’s like watching an old movie where the greasers meet up with the ‘wanderers’. They line up, stare each other down, there’s a huff and a puff, hooves pounding the ground, a head shake, ears back, eyes squinted and tails swishing back and forth in agitation! And while they are doing their, “yes I am, no your not”… The goats have snuck past and are munching away at the llamas protected grassy gold!!! I give up, they are not listening (oh what a surprise!) this is a job for Super Farmer! He can go out there with his silver police whistle and break up the gang fight.

Another ‘fun’ memory that popped up from 3yrs ago


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