Chippie at an estate sale?

Someone came to the sale today with their adorable little dog Bella. She follows us on Facebook and asked why I didn’t have Chippie with us. I kinda joked about it, but then realized she was serious.

So I thought to myself, what would it be like if we had Chippie with us all day? Hummmmm 🤔

This is how I think our day would go if Chippie the easy going, gentle, super friendly, 7lbs of growling teeth was with me.

I get up at the crack of dawn because I have to, because I have an annoying rooster named C.S.(short for chicken soup) practicing to be the next superstar on American Idol. I get my tiny growling fur baby out of his bed, practically run to the door back holding him at arms length, and throw him outside (if I dont, I’ll get teeny dent mark’s in my hands) and shut the door with a sigh of relief that I made it without harm.

Then for some odd, weird, strange, I dont know why, bizarre, overwhelming feeling invades my usually normal thinking with, ‘gosh, it would be fun to take Chippie today to get him out of the house!’

Before my reasoning comes back, I grab my Jeep keys, Lil Red, and my snarling bundle to go work around a bunch of people…you know humans…the kind Chippie barely tolerates! So I put my little bundle of joy who hates car rides almost as much as everything else in life, on my lap and off we go. The Chipster wants to hide between my feet and I try to get him to enjoy being a real dog by you know…sticking your head out the window to let the breeze flap your ears as you sniff all the wonderful outside smells that isn’t llama or pig!

I finally make it to the sale without getting into an accident because he wants to play ring around the rosey with the pedals, or losing him out the window. I carry my now extremely grumpy chihuahua past the crowd elbowing each other away from the door so they can be the very first ones in to grab, grab, grab. Many of these folks want to pet Mr Teeth but he wants nothing to do with strangers touching him and he growls making everyone step back in unison.

I get situated with the pup under my shirt (because that’s what Chippie wants, and Chippie gets what Chippie wants!) making me look lumpy and a bit on the unusual side. All customers who come up to pay for their treasures, either do the sign of the cross because they think I’m growing at them without moving my mouth, or throw money at me because my shirt is trying to bite them!

Yep, it’ll be a day of growling, snapping, scaring customers, and me forcing Chad to carry Chippie around as he makes deals with people holding his snarling, intimidating, all teeth chihuahua…which by the way, really does help because folks are terrified of making the tiny dog mad by not agreeing with the price.


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