Losing Sugar baby

My heart is heavy tonight. Our little Sugar Baby went home to be with Jesus today. I know he was just a goat, but us farmers love our animal’s, that’s why we have farms…so we can pack a barn or two with lots of furry and feathered critters. Sugar was with us for a few short months and was barley a year old. Doc Smith thought that because of this wacky weather, he got a lung infection. The cold and rain yesterday did him in. He couldn’t fight it.

Chad and I both enjoyed this little guy. He loved Sweetie the llama and followed her around like a love struck teenager. He enjoyed being in the house checking out the humans habitat and sat with Chad and me on the swing. He had a sweet personality and gave me fun stories to write about. I always told Chad that if we were forced to move, I would take Sammie, Lincoln and Sugar Baby…I wouldn’t give those three up.

I don’t understand why God wanted our little goat to go home to be with Him. It is not mine to question His ways. I only see a little bit of today, God sees tomorrow and all my days. He knew how much I loved my Sugar and knew the pain that we would experience with his passing. I trust God. He gave me my baby goat and I gave him back through tears. I’ve been thanking the Lord today for the gift that I handed over to Him.
I will praise Him in this storm through tears and a broken heart because I serve an awesome, faithful, loving God.


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