Super Farmers flower bed!

Poor Super Farmer. I saw the chickens pecking away in his flower bed early this morning.

Chad spent over an hour a few days ago tilling up the earth, laying down fresh, dark rich soil that he bought special at Tactor Supply just for his little babies. He dug a tiny little hole with his finger, dropped in a single flower seed, covered it up and gave each one a loving pat (which I teased him for). I think I heard him whispering encouraging words to them.

Well, early this morning after C.S. (our rooster) squawked out his annoying ‘gotta get em up’ alarm to us and every neighbor within a 10 mile radius, I looked out the window to see not one, not two, not three, not four…but every chicken we own in Super Farmers flower bed scratching away the dirt pecking away at bugs and seeds!
Did I go out there like a good wifey and chase those birds away until they lost their feathers? Nope…I causally walked back into the bedroom, gave my hubby his steaming hot cup of joe, and just happened to mention something about chickens, flower bed, seeds gone.
Chad took a sip of his much too hot coffee, opened his eyes wide to look at me with his head tilted as if to listen carefully and asked, “what did you just say?”
I repeated through sips, something about chickens and goodbye seeds.
He flung those covers back, jumped out of bed and ran to the back door where he looked out the window to see not only the chickens in his flower bed, but now the duck and turkey had joined them with their beaks buried in the tilled up again dirt!
He ran outside barefoot in his man jammies, waving his arms and yelling like a crazy person! I stood inside the doorway (I’m not going out there in my red puppy dog robe for the neighbors and passing cars to see…again!) drinking my coffee trying not to laugh out loud! Super Farmer chased those birds out of his flower bed away from his precious seeds, around the garage and into the back pasture towards the barn…him screaming out warnings of roasted chicken for dinner, them squawking with wings flapping, feathers flying! After he got those pesky birds out of sight, he came back walking gingerly because he realized that he was barefoot. He got to the back porch where I was now sitting on my swing enjoying this beautiful Spring morning with entertainment, when I nonchalantly pointed toward his flower bed so he could see that the pig broke out again and was where? That’s right, rooting around in his flower bed! Chad took off again doing his man yell waving his arms. Last I saw, there was a fat black and white potbelly pig waddling as fast as her stubby little legs could go towards the front of the house with some nutty guy chasing it in bare feet and jammies with little yellow minions on them! I noticed a few cars slowing down to watch the non stop circus act that goes on over here.
Man I love this farm!


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