Dog paddling llamas?

I made the comment on one of my pics about Super Farmer teaching the llamas how to dog paddle. Well, I shouldn’t say such silly things because now I’ve been picturing it over and over in my non stop, super active imagination.

I could see this actually happening, and oh I wish it would!

Chad teaching the animals how to dog paddle would go something like this…

Well, we decided to dig an 8 foot deep pond on our land so we could stock it with fun things like fish, turtles, clams, snails, bullfrogs, toads, and help the mosquito population to explode! I even thought about getting a couple of swans and a Mallard or seven, maybe even a blue Heron! I can picture this now beautiful pond sparkling in the sunlight, a 20 lb bass or two jumping up out of the crystal blue water to help keep down the mosquito population that we also were hoping would thrive for the many frogs and toads who hide in the lily pads that Chad threw in!

The only problem, Mr Super Farmer thought it would be a great idea to put it smack in front of the barn so the animals would get plenty of exercise swimming to and from the barn! I told him a million, yes a million, times that that was a bad idea. But noooo, Mr ‘I Know better’ put that crazy body of water in front of the barn! After a few months of filling it up with the garden hose, which by the way I told him was another bad idea, our beautiful pond was ready!
And what did those llamas do? Stand in front of the pond looking at the barn on the other side with a confused, mixed with anger look! Chad proudly stands there with the frustrated animals explaining how he did all this just for them. They are NOT happy. Nobody knows how to swim. I smugly stand there reminding him what a bad idea it was to put that oversized puddle in front of the barn that nobody can get to now!

So…what bright ideal does he come up with? Teaching llamas, a donkey, mini-horse and a fat ‘sure-to-sink’ pig (hope he knows how to do CPR on a pig!), and a small goat (who I’m sure will just jump over it anyways) to dog paddle! You can stop rubbing your eyes, you read right…dog paddle!

Super Farmer will start with Sammie because he’s easy going and has the desire to please daddy at all times. Chad wrestles a harness on him, forces him into the cold water and starts to dog paddle around the freaked out llama who can’t reach the bottom trying to get him to understand that he is to move all fours the same way he is as he swims in circles around the gasping llama who is desperately trying to keep his head above water! I throw a bright orange life ring to the now sinking llama as Mr ‘Not So Bright’ pulls on the rope to get him back to shore! Chad gets the bewildered animal safely on dry ground as the other 3 run over to poor Sammie who is shaking off water like a dog after a bath! The four of them line up and glare at Chad as I slowly back away because this is one battle that Chaddie is going to fight on his own!

Yep, that’s how I pictured our, I mean HIS, attempt at teaching the llamas how to dog paddle!


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