Fun with mother

Fun with mother…

I took mother to Walmart so she could fill up her fridge with things she doesn’t need, just wants. After my normal one hour search for her, I finally found her by the check out and informed her I’m done and ready to hit the road, after all, I can see sunlight coming through the front doors. It was dark and cloudy when we came in so I’m getting the itch to see what’s out there swimming around in the sunshine. I walk up to her and before I could say ‘howdy doody’ she shoves a pack of feminine ‘things’ at me saying she should only get one package instead of two so please take these back for her. I politely say, nope as I drop it back in her basket, I’m not walking the length of the store holding female unmentionables as people quickly look away so as not to embarrass me. She picked up the package that advertises for ladies only in big bold letters on every side, and gave it to me again, firmly telling me to take them back. I once again dropped them back into her basket and with gusto said, ‘nope, not doing it!’ We stood there eyeing each other up and down, arms crossed…a mother daughter stand off! Me armed with youthful stance, and my mother armed with a cane who is not afraid to use it, neither one of us moving, trying to out wait the other. Finally, she suggested that we leave it on a shelf next to us and let an employee find it and put it back. I agreed, so I picked it up and was leaning over to place it on the shelf when an older couple who I don’t know but apparently know me, say, “Hi Mrs Addie…love your pictures!” as they eyeball my package.


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