Another sale day for kyle

Yep, its sale day. A day where Chad and I work, work, and work some more! It’s also the day that Kyle gets to babysit the animals who always seem to know when he’s coming! I swear they all have a sixth sense about when he is going to be here to cater to them! I think they stay up all night planning out kyles day for his torment and their enjoyment! The poor kid can’t even sneak in through the back door without them knowing about it! He can be driving down Waverly and they run to the fence straining to watch for his car. The second they spot it , they gallop to their assigned post and wait. Each with their own evil grin, sinister giggles escaping through their nostrils. Kyle pulls up, sprints to the back hoping to go unnoticed only to hear Lincoln scream out his warning cry to let all barn animals know that the games have begun!!
God bless my son, may he survive this day with all his fingers and toes intact and his sanity!


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