A chippie day

Chad looks at me like I’m nuts sometimes…I dont know why because I’m always coming up with these great ideas! Today I thought it would be fun to have a Chippie day. What’s so nutty about that? I suggested that we both show Mr Snarly how much we love, adore, and appreciate him by carrying him around all day and not let his tiny feet touch the ground (which would be a challenge when he goes potty but I’m sure Super Farmer will be able to figure that one out!), we would take turns…Chad will carry him the first half of the day, I’ll carry him the second half of the day, at nighttime…you know, when we’re just sitting around watching the boob tube tossing the cat back and forth towards each other as we try to eat without a paw swiping at our forks! Chad can take him to the barn and arm wrestle the large animals while holding Mr Growly, he can do his paper work as Mr Teeth snuggles against his chest. And of course, Chad will hold Mr Unhappy as he fills up my gas tank for me.
Now, dont get me wrong, of course I’ll be doing my Chippie holding too as I watch TV, work on Facebook and of course sleep!
Sounds like fun and a great way to bond with our fur baby! I can’t wait until we have a Biscuit day!!


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