Morning revenge!

Yep, its 6:30 AM. I’ve been up since before dawn…just one of those nights where I can’t sleep. As I laid in bed tossing and turning, I noticed how quiet it was outside. No rooster screeching or donkey HEE HAAAAWING, no alpaca screaming at an early jogger, no pig loudly grunting at the gate for her breakfast-lunch-dinner-midnight snack to be served all at once…all day.
No farm sounds! At first I was like, ‘Yes! Finally nobody is being a pre-dawn pain!’
Then I got worried and thought, ‘oh my gosh, what if they all mysteriously died at the same time? What if they broke through the fence and are running down the road or across the street eating the neighbors daffodils!’ What if aliens came and beamed them up because they want to examine and study the most frustrating animals known to man, and figure out why they do what they do (good luck with that one, they’ll send Dunkay back down in less than 10 seconds!)? What if?
So then I got this not so bright idea and thought I would sneak out there in my red puppy dog robe and do my famous Farmer lady yodel and wake THEM up for a change! Oh the thought of sweet revenge! I happily pictured it in my mind!
I sneak out there just as the sun was starting to peek over the tree tops, I find them snuggled deep into the hay sleeping, their little legs twitching, snores coming ftom Remi’s house, Sugar Baby cuddled up to Sweetie as she unconsciously tries to push him away. The turkeys snoozed beak to beak. Dunkay sleeps standing up next to the hay bin, still guarding it. Laci never made it inside the barn, she is still in the back pasture sleeping with a mouthful of grass. The rooster is perched way up high so he when he wakes them all up in the morning before they’re ready, no one can get him!
Nobody hears me, I stand in the middle of the barn and yell out my loudest, best farm yodel on this side of Kentucky!
Dunkay falls over, the turkeys flap high into the air with feathers flying, the chickens are squawking flying into each other, the llamas race to the door (except for Lincoln, he takes on his fight stance) the pig runs out of her house to see where breakfast is, and the rooster? Well he struts over to me, winks, giving me a nod as if to say, ‘yep, that was a good one human’!


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