A texting argument

So, married couples and others who just cannot live, survive without your significant other…do you ever have a little spat and go into silent mode because your stubbornness won’t let you ask a very important question or tell them something they really need to know? You too? Well, I know it’s hard to believe, but once in a great while, HE will do, not do, say, or not say something that automatically makes my brain go into ‘I’m not talking to him for the next 50 years’ mode!
Last night was one of those fun evenings.  Only problem,  I had to tell him something important but my mouth refused to open. So I did the next best thing…I texted him. Here we are, 12 inches away from each other watching TV, glaring at each other every 5 minutes playing ‘push the cat off of me and towards each other’ game. I texted him, he texted back. Back and forth having an important conversation over the phone sitting a few inches away from each other as the kitty was shoved from one lap to the other! You should’ve seen us!  At one point of the silent conversation, the texting got ‘heated’…he would type real fast then hit the send button hard, sit there and glare waiting for me to respond! Then I would angrily hit those letters and hit send, and do MY glare.
After a few minutes of a heated conversation in text sitting next to each other, we both looked up from our heated phones and laughed!
We made up, snuggled and texted each other how much we love each other!


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