Duck and rooster screech together!

Oh my gosh, the duck has joined C.S. in his morning screeching! I woke up before one could officially say ‘daylight’ to that stupid rooster and the duck who is now according to my tired ears, louder than that dang chicken!
Ever since we lost the other quacker, Miss Quack has been trying to find her place with the other feathered creatures on the farm. She was hanging with the turkey for awhile but just couldn’t seem to convince her that swimming in a mud puddle was fun and should be done 207.5 times a day. Miss Quack would push Miss Gobble towards the very muddy puddle, jump in quacking at the turkey to show her how much fun it was to get wet and full of thick gooey dirt. The turkey wasn’t buying it, she waddled as fast has she could go in the opposite direction! So Miss Quack started in on the chickens. They like sitting in cold muddy water as much as the turkey does…not at all!
Lately she has been following C.S. around, even though he won’t bathe with her. I think its because daddy rooster took his harem of hens away. C.S. use to have 4 girls following him around, swooning over every screech, I mean COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOO!
So now, he is forced to hang with a duck and at times a turkey…the 3 stooges, the misfits, the gang of ‘huh?’
Anyhoo…the rooster and duck were underneath my bedroom window screeching and quacking. Back and forth, from one annoying sound to another. I swear I’m going to get my great grandmothers farm recipe book out and look up duck soup and chicken casserole!


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