Yummy bird suet

I’m sure most of you saw the pic earlier of the yummy home made bird suet that someone made for us and dropped off today. Well, Chad came home and saw it wrapped up on the counter and automatically thought it was some kind of gooey doughnut (uh huh, you know where I’m going with this!)…so he unwrapped part of it and put it up to his mouth for a bite (mean Nancy is watching with glee!!). He was about to take a bite (as I said to myself over and over…please take a bite, please take a bite) when he noticed one of the meal worms was looking at him! He held it back, turned it over and over, staring at it over his glasses with a deep frown. He then looks at me and ask, “what the heck is this??” I dissapointly explained that it’s for the birds. He glares at me then says, “you were going to let me eat it weren’t you!” Well, yeah. I wanted a story!


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