Tiny car!

So, I’ve been seeing a little teeny tiny, itsy bitsy white car around town that is smaller than our mini woolly mammoth horse Laci…with TWO people inside. I’m not sure how these full grown adults can even get inside this tiny box of a car! I would love to see them struggle to get in and out. I can just hear a normal conversation from these folks going out in it…

Mr: “Honey, want to go to the store with me?”
Mrs: “Sure, just let me grab my purse!”
Mr: “Now, you know there’s no room for your bag, just leave it”
Mrs: “Yeah your right, let me grab my sunglasses”
Mr: “Fine, just dont take them off, no room on the dash to lay them down”

So, Mr and Mrs walk to the garage to get into to the car they nicknamed ‘cracker box’ only to see that it’s gone!

Mr: “Wheres the car??!”
Mrs: “I parked it right here! I know I did!”
Mr: ” Oh wait, I see it, I put the trash can in front of it!”

Mr and Mrs stand in front of the smaller than a tandem bike that you can hold hands over car, and form a plan on how to get inside without banging a knee, or hitting their now bruised head.
Mrs looks up at Mr and says, “On second thought, I think I’ll stay here. You go and enjoy the ride!”

Mr grumbles something about all the gas they’re saving, opens the car door to look at the space made perfect for a toy poodle, puts a leg in and gets stuck!

Yep, that’s how I see it if owning one of those tiny cars that would tip over if a bicycle ran into the side of it, or a large bug smashed onto the windshield, or a 5 mile an hour gust of wind came towards it, or a frisbee hit it!

I mean, wheres the engine? Is the gas tank bigger than a cup of coffee? Where would you put your groceries? Insurance companies actually insure those death traps?
Inquiring minds want to know!


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