Lone ranger!

Well, now that I have the ‘Lone Ranger’ theme song stuck in my head and I’ve been yelling out, “Hi Ho Silver, Awaaaaaay” all morning…I’m going out to the barn and I’m gonna teach those llamas how to humm it out! So, every time someone comes over and those llamas followed by a goat (who thinks he’s a llama) gallop to the fence because they know that extra treats will soon be crunching in their greedy little mouths, everyone will hear the Hi Ho Silver galloping music! Plus I’m going to put a loud speaker out there so when everyone is running towards us, it’ll yell out. “HI HO SILVER!!!”
Of course, that’ll make Dunkay perk up and do his best Silver the horse impression by getting on his hind legs, loudly HEEE HAAAW, and slice his front legs through the air as his military style mane sways in the wind!! I just hope he doesn’t trip and fall on Laci who will do her best impression of Tonto’s horse by kicking him on the shins…all 4 of them!

And if for some reason I can’t teach them to hum it out, I will train them to come running by blasting the ‘Lone Ranger’ theme song on speakers that will be all around the barn and pastures! Every neighbor within 5 miles will know every time those animals are galloping around on the farm!! 😁😁😁


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