Chase llamas?

Hahaha! Never…ever…chase a llama! You will never catch them! The more you try to ‘catch’ them, the more they gallop in the opposite direction and freak out! When our llamas go for a joy run down the road to eat the neighbors forbidden plants, we do not run towards them. Once you act like your going to confine them or make them do something they do not want to do (which is just about everything), they will take off! We have learned, the hard way, that if you want your larger than yourself animal back into the barn, get the magic cup of sweet grain out! They will automatically see little hearts float in front of their big brown eyes, they start to drool, their mouths go into chew mode, their hooves scratch the ground, they narrow their eyes…and take off towards you. So…be prepared to either feed them, throw the grain at them, or run!


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