Remi the vacuum

Okay, this was funny. I took a large container of scratch grain to spread on the pasture for the ducks and the barking turkey. Dunkay, Laci and Remi saw me out of the corner of their eye while digging up the last blade of grass in the far field. I quickly spread it in a couple of piles and threw hand fulls of nummies along the fence so our feathered critters could get a few beaks full of delicious grain with mixed in birdseed. I didn’t call them, they didn’t quack or bark and I thought (key word, thought) I was out of eyesight to the 3 biggest food stealers of the farm. Nope. Before the very first seed the ground, all 3 perked up, looked my way, figured out that I was throwing food and came stampeding towards me. A donkey, a woolly mammoth mini horse, and a pig that waddles! Of course Dunkay got there first switching on his food vacuum that actually hums like a sweeper. He had his muzzle sweeping from side to side when Laci finally got there. She too turned on her built in vacuum switch and was humming along side Dunkay, two ducks and a turkey. After about 30 seconds, Miss Waddles got there huffing and a puffing. That pig pushed two large animals and 3 birds away from the grain with her fat little butt making loud piggy grunts! That pig managed to bully the others away from all the scratch grain as she turned on her industrial strength vacuum to suck up, not eat…suck up all the grain, seeds, dirt, grass, stones and feathers that was on the ground. The horse, donkey, two mad ducks and a now growling turkey, stood in a semi circle watching her gobble up their breakfast, lunch, dinner and mid day snack in 8.3 seconds.


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