A confusing farm

Last night when I went to check on the ding bats, Sugar Baby the goat was laying next to Sweetie our llama. Sugar looked like he was in heaven, Sweetie looked very, very, very annoyed.

Everybody is confused on this farm! A goat who thinks he’s a llama, a turkey who barks like a dog at the neighbors, a pig who THINKS she’s a queen, a donkey who believes he’s a king (with permission from Remi) a mini horse whose main desire in life is to be a statue, a rooster who crows at midnight instead of dawn, an alpaca who practices to be the best weather siren in La Porte county, and Chad who thinks he leads a normal life as he chases one big animal out of the pasture as two more sneak past him while the goat runs behind him thinking it’s a game, the pig angrily snorts for more food as he sprints past her while Dunkay runs away with his baseball cap that fell off because he’s chasing this one that way as that one gets away because the other one snuck back in!!

Yep, sounds normal to me!


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