The Addie Circus

Every single animal we own is out in the front pasture right now. Of course the pig is staring at the house, the goat is practically plastered against poor Sweetie as Violet snickers close by, Sammie and Lincoln are trying to eat the same patch of green which makes them look like a see-saw…one head goes up, the other goes down…up down up down up down! You’d think they get a headache doing that, our woolly mammoth is once again standing like a statue because she ate herself into another coma…you could have a tornado roar past her with the whole barn swirling inside it 5 feet away from her and she wouldnt budge. I’ve actually gone out there when she first started to do that thinking she died standing up and wave my hand in front of her eyes to see if she’d blink! And the barking turkey is running or shall I say, waddling, with the ducks…in a line. When I see them all together performing like that, it makes me feel like I’m living in a circus. Oh wait! I am! The only thing missing is the clown!
“Oh Chaddie Hon, my big strong hunk of a man…can you go out and chase a few of those critters back towards the house holding Chippie? I need a video, and wear your cute cowboy hat!”


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