Chad sleep? Hahahahaha!

Oh my gosh, I’m dying over here from laughter! Both dogs and the cat jumped up on the bed and went straight to Chad! He is shoving animals away from him with both hands and legs under the covers (one leg is pinned under the 85lb Pit) yelling at them to get the heck away from him! The louder he yells and pushes, the closer they snuggle up to him! There’s a war on the bed and I’m not losing! Chad…2 dogs…one cat…and me laughing until my tummy hurts! He finally stopped to glare at me as all three animal’s laid down on him. They love their daddy and just want to be close…really close…skin tight close! I’m turning out the light to sleep in peace, and Chad? Well, he’ll be pushing and grumbling under his breath as fur gets in face all night! Life is good here on the farm!!


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